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The way Netrokona is named after ‘Kaliganj Bazar’

The way Netrokona is

The original name of Netrokona was Kaliganj. River-centric district Netrokona. there have been about 56 rivers within the district. The Magra river encircles the whole city. Although the history of those rivers has been lost within the course of your time, the history of introducing the name of the town has remained. Towards the top of the eighteenth century. Now nobody who is or who was before can say the year correctly. on the other hand, the urban civilization of this district developed around a Kalimandir.

On the instructions of Raj Rajeshwari Devi, the then zamindar of Gauripur, his son Shri Brajendra Kishore Roy Chowdhury established Sri Kali Mandir within the name of Sri Sarvamangala Devi. the situation of this temple is on the banks of the river Magra. At that point, big boats were crowding ahead of the temple.
Traders from different parts of the country want to trade by boat. The worship of the Hindu community during a single Kali Mandir was enjoyed by others, including Muslims. Although at that point Hindus were predominant within the area. Gradually the housing of Muslims increased.

Since then, the town has been renamed, Kaliganj Bazar. Then the scope of the market continues to grow. Urban civilization gradually developed. People from other countries also came and began living in this city. Later, within the evolution of your time, it had been changed from Kaliganj to Naterkona within the British accent. Later, during the Pakistan period, a police headquarters ghat was established on the bank of a river near Kalibari.

This is how the present Netrokona evolved. Since then, there has been no violence or animosity towards the then and present Kali Mandir. The district now has half Muslim and half Hindu population. At an equivalent time, the amount of temples has also increased. Besides, the amount of Muslim mosques has also increased at an equivalent rate as per the demand of the people.

But the modernization of the previous name Kaliganj Netrokona has been maintaining the religious recent.