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15 things to do and see in San Francisco | Best of San Francisco

15 things to do and see in San Francisco | Best of San Francisco
15 things to do and see in San Francisco | Best of San Francisco

Trying to find the best in San Francisco? The piece de resistances that you should not miss on your next journey? Well, keep reading because I bring you the very best pointers and 10 things to do and see in San Francisco.

If so, you have actually concerned the best place. I bring you whatever you should see in San Francisco. The best strategies, for tourists and also so that you can seem like a regional. And all without investing a great deal of money, low-cost. P ara you can discover the best of San Francisco without getting the whole budget.


Because I have actually been to San Francisco myself on this last journey and, like the last time, when I checked out San Fran in 2013, I showed up penniless trying to find the best plans to go to San Francisco inexpensively. So if you too wish to check out the leading 10 things to do and see in San Francisco, simply keep scrolling down.

1. Say hello to the sea lions and stroll along Pier 39:

Impressive views of the sea, a lighthouse, and some funny sea lions welcome us as we approach Pier 39, the most visited tourist place in the city and among the things to do and see in San Francisco that you must not miss out on.

The entryway to Pier 39 is completely totally free, so it is a strategy that you can do alone, as a couple, or as a household without spending a penny. It is among the best locations to start your see to the city and to see the sea from there.

In addition, you can take pleasure in gorgeous views and the common postcard image framing the Golden Gate Bridge and the Bay Bridges, Alcatraz Island, Angel Island, and the famous horizon drawn from the city’s structures.

Pier 39 is located on Beach Street beside the Embarcadero and is easy and pleasant to walk along the waterfront.

2. The Golden Gate Bridge/ Golden Gate Bridge:

The Golden Gate Bridge is unquestionably among the landmarks of San Francisco, one of its best-known symbols.

This bridge is not only one of the seven wonders of the modern world, but it is a symbol of the difficult, the bridge that could not be constructed. Defying tides, fogs, rains, and storms, this orange structure linked what appeared difficult in 1937. If you are looking for what to do and what to see in San Francisco, your see must not be missing out on.

You can cross by automobile, on foot, by bike, or in a wheelchair. The bridge is totally available and can be crossed from San Francisco to the opposite, where you can take pleasure in a viewpoint and terrific views.

Another great location to enjoy the magnificence of the Golden Gate is the little wooden pier at the end of the Presidio. From there you can enjoy the views of the bridge, the city and with luck, even the visit of a sea lion.

3. The old Alcatraz jail:

I make certain you’ve ever become aware of the famous Alcatraz jail. Today, this island and the old structures are one of the things to do and see in San Francisco, an attraction for young and old, but particularly for families and fans of excellent stories.

The old jail has today been converted into a free-entry museum where you can learn about the history of the prison and see how the prisoners lived and much of their stopped working escape efforts.

Although admission to Alcatraz is free, you will need to purchase a ferry ticket to get to the island, which is not low-cost. From $ 31 for adults.

4. Golden Gate Park/ Golden Gate Park:

Golden Gate Park is among the biggest manufactured parks on the planet. With more than 1,000 hectares and more than a million trees, it is the largest park in the city and the largest in the United States.

In it, you can delight in stunning gardens, parks, areas for skateboarding, lakes, strolling paths, monuments, museums, activities, and above all lovely landscapes in addition to that air of serenity and local life.

If you go through it all and walk to the end of the park in its western location, you will reach the ocean, the sea, the beach. There is also a Dutch mill and even a herd of buffalo. You can find the California Academy of Sciences museum or The Young Museum. There is also a flower conservatory, a Japanese tea garden, and a botanical garden.

Whatever fits in this park that is even bigger than Central Park in New York. I just welcome you to lose yourself and take pleasure in and experience circumstances like these.

Ashbury Street/ Ashbury Street:

At the eastern end of Golden Gate Park is Ashbury Street. Another thing to do and see in San Francisco that in my viewpoint, you need to not miss. I was on my very first see to the city and I have actually returned this time to be able to reveal it to Marina.

You will quickly recognize it by the abundance of murals on its walls, by the wide range of quirky stores, by the smoking cigarettes, alternative clothing, or tattoo stores.

5. The Chinatown neighborhood:

In Chinatown, the biggest Chinese neighborhood in the world outside Asia is concentrated, in competition with that of New york city. In addition, it is the oldest Chinatown in the United States and one of the primary traveler attractions in San Francisco.

You will discover it near Bush Street, on Grant Avenue. We are greeted by an elaborate door protected by sculpted canines (to protect versus fiends). We then discover the very first souvenir shops, food stalls, lanterns, and all the ornamentation, colors, and tastes that identify this area.

If you mean to visit it, you can not miss the walk through Portsmouth Square, among the liveliest and most active areas of the neighborhood, where you can observe a few of the common games and activities during the day. Another of the streets that you need to not miss out on is Stockton street where you can delight in some markets and an image of everyday life that triggers excellent pictures.

6. Presidio Park/ Presidio Park:

Presidio Park is today a national forest and a paradise where you can hang out taking pleasure in incredible views. In fact, it was built and used as a military base in 1776 by the Spanish, then entered Mexican hands, and lastly in 1847 by the Americans. In 1994 it began to be used as a park and stopped to be a military base after more than 200 years.

From some of the hills that are part of Presidio Park, you can take pleasure in lovely views of the Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco Bay, and the Pacific Ocean.

7. Dolores Objective District/ The Objective District:

The Mission district is unquestionably among the most famous and gone to in the city. Among the important things to do and see in San Francisco if you need to know the city like a local. Over the last years it has drawn in a crowd of young bohemians and even today it still preserves that local air, that Mexican atmosphere that is its trademark and appeal.

On the street corners, some doña and some don, selling street food as in any Mexican corner. With a cart, a range, an apron, and little else. Latin accent and Hispanic language. Loud music, bachata, ranchers, and corridos playing. Second-hand stores and painted walls. A free art gallery on your walls, a voice, a cry of color. The air vibrates and life is felt in the environment.

The community that presented the burrito to the world. A location to go to and absorb its charm away from the tourist crowds.

8. The park of Dolores:

Dolores Park, located in the Objective District, is not only another among the perfect things to do and see in San Francisco, but however it is also the ideal place to opt for a Sunday afternoon.

After a great walk through all the murals and street art in the District, it is time to fill your stomach with some Mexican food and after that go sit and enjoy the sundown from the Parque de Dolores, from where you can delight in some incredible views of the city and the varied but friendly environment of San Francisco.

9. The Objective District murals:

I think if I had to choose among my favorite things to do in San Francisco, strolling the streets of the Mission District searching for its murals would be my first choice.

It is the most lovely memory I have of my very first see to the city, despite the fact that it was at night and this time it was once again one of the most enjoyable moments of my see to San Francisco, only this time ending up the plan in the park of Dolores.

The Clarion Alley Street Murals:

Clarion Street is more of a lane. This street, with totally painted walls and even floors, lies between Objective Street and Valencia Street and connects them. I believe it lacks a doubt my preferred street, wherewith each visit you make to the city, you will discover various pieces and works.

The Maestra Peace Mural in the Women’s House or The Women’s Building:

Among the biggest pieces that can be checked out which remains in the streets completely is the mural that embellishes the exterior of the Casa de las Mujeres or The Women’s Building.

The mural is referred to as The Maestra Peace Mural and was painted in 1994 by a group of artists from the bay in multicultural and multigenerational cooperation: Miranda Bergman, Juana Alicia, Edythe Boone, Meera Desai, Yvonne Littleton, Irene Perez, and Susan Kelk Cervantes.

The mural is a visual testimony to the courage and worth of women’s contributions throughout time and all over the world.

You will find it at number 8 on 18th street. You can visit it from the outside or you can see your home of Women from within. You can check its main page if you need more details.

Pleasant Street:

On Pleasant Street, you can also discover a large number of murals. A few of the oldest are found here, made in 1980, with part of the history of the area and its demonstrations. Human rights, the scenario in Central America. All of that can be seen.

You can likewise find examples of some of the current styles that are being practiced in the city on an artistic level.

Mural Carnival:

In Between 24th Street and South, Van Ness Ave is this big mural also known as Golden Dreams of the Objective. Today renovated, it was initially painted in 1983 by the muralist Daniel Galvez together with the cooperation of some regional artists such as Dan Fontes, Keith Sklar, Jaime Morgan, Eduardo Pineda, and Jan Sheild.

10. The Castro neighborhood:

The Castro neighborhood is called the homosexual neighborhood, where gay and lesbian culture is rich and vibrant. If you are searching for something to do and see in San Francisco to check out like a local, this is an ideal choice. Also, free.

The check out is worthwhile and throughout the area, you can enjoy pleasant cafes, vibrant places, or simply a pleasant time to sit and observe.

Likewise, if you are going to check out San Francisco in October, you might be lucky enough to accompany the Castro Street Fair, a kind of street celebration that has actually been going on for more than 40 years. It’s loaded with live music, comedy, art, and street food. If you want more information about the dates of the celebration and the occasions, you can seek advice from the main website of the Castro Street Fair.

11. Corona Heights Park:

We were walking from Golden Gate Park looking for Dolores Park when strolling along Roosevelt Street we came across Corona Heights Park moments before sundown.

12. Twin Peaks:

And if you are trying to find excellent views of the city, the Twin Peaks towers are the ideal place, in addition to another of the things to see in San Francisco. At 922 feet in the air, they are the second-highest point in the city (after Mount Davidson) and are also simple to access.

Twin Peaks Towers are constantly open from daybreak to sunset and access is free. If you are in the mood you can walk up the hill or if you can not take a taxi and enjoy the journey taking images. You can also get there by bus. Number 37 is the line that brings you closest. State they stop you on Crestline Drive. If you are going to pass the subway, the closest station is Castro Street and from there it refers to walking to get there.

13. Get on the tram:

I make certain you’ve ever seen a normal San Francisco postcard with one of its iconic trams. These streetcars are the last of their kind that can still be found in the United States. They are considered among the most popular traveler attractions in the whole city. Among those things to do and see in San Francisco.

You can purchase a single trip, which is a bit expensive (about $ 7 per journey). Another choice is to buy a full-day pass for about $ 20 that will likewise be utilized for endless journeys on Muni or MuniMetro.

To get on the tram, a few of the most substantial stops may be the Powel-hyde or the Market Streets. If you desire more information about the routes and stops you can visit the main site of the San Francisco Municipal Transport Company.

14. Alamo Square Park:

Have you ever seen the Full House series (Forced parents in Spain and Tres for tres in Latin America)? If you have actually seen it, I make certain you will hear the image listed below, which appeared in the introduction. The blue house this family lived in.

Well, check out Alamo Square Park and taking the legendary picture of the wood homes of San Francisco with the remainder of the buildings behind is another of the things to do and see in San Francisco. And if you get thirsty, a couple of streets down from the park, there is a good German-style brewery where you can sit outside drinking.

15. SFMOMA (San Francisco Museum Of Moder Art):.

The San Francisco Museum of Modern Art (SFMOMA) was founded in 1935 as the first museum on the West Coast committed to modern-day art and modern art. The museum resumed under the brand-new name SFMOMA in May 2016.

If like me you enjoy art, visiting the SFMOMA is another of the things to do and see in San Francisco that you must not miss out on. At SFMOMA you can enjoy more than 32,000 pieces of contemporary and modern art. In addition, they have a whole flooring devoted solely to photography.

If you wish to visit SFMOMA, you will discover it at 151 Third Street, simply a step far from the Yerba Buena Gardens. It is open from Thursday to Tuesday from 10:00 am to 05:00 pm. On Thursdays, it opens till 9:00 p.m.